“I love the Volumizer! I am a baby boomer and practice law for a living, with many outside obligations which keeps me on the go. The Volumizer is carefree, easy to manage and it’s not as time consuming as extensions to have installed. I have received numerous compliments on a daily basis as to the how my hair looks. My personal hair is fine, thin, baby soft and very straight and has been a major ordeal to style to have the hair look good due to the lack of volume and texture. The Volumizer can be simply brushed in the morning and touched up with a curling device and ready to go in minutes.” Attorney Cynthia Fiene, Madison, WI




“I like the Volumizer because it’s breathable & not hot on my head. It makes my hair easy to style without going flat. I now have fullness! It’s easy to care for & I like that I don’t have to shampoo daily. The Volumizer has given me more confidence and makes me feel sexier!” Casey Meadows, Galveston TX


“As the 78 year old proud owner of a human hair Volumizer, I would like to rave a moment! Pretty proud of being old and don’t mind the usual signs of aging, but I did not like going bald! The Volumizer is the perfect solution — blended with my hair, you can’t tell one from the other. Totally natural looking, yet it gives me the volume I need for a nice hair-do and is easy maintenance. No one would know it was there if I didn’t brag about it!” Patricia Bartley, Texas


“I had SO much fun incorporating the Volumizer into my look to give me an absolutely fashion forward appeal for my photoshoot. I went from a regular plain Jane to someone who suddenly had options on how to style my hair with an exotic look. The “Volumizer” is a great piece for those of us who have thin hair or not a lot of hair in general. Both my sister and mother would benefit from this product and I am very excited to show them how well it blends in naturally. This is a great product and I can’t wait to show my photos wearing the “Volumizer” to all of my friends and family!” Cora Kass, Atlanta, GA



“As a stylist for over 30 years, it is so exciting to have a new salon service to offer my clients. There just hasn’t been anything new in the industry, and the Evolve Volumizer will give me the opportunity to bring texture, volume and color without any chemicals. The certification class that I went to in Texas, was one of the best education classes I’ve ever attended. The educators were some of the best in the country. I left with some great new friends, a complete education in the Evolve Volumizer, and the confidence to bring it to my clients. The 2-day event is worth every cent. I would highly recommend becoming a certified stylist.” Mary Stultz, Owner
Specialized Hair Care LLC, Milwaukee, WI

“Omg. One of the attorneys saw my hair and exclaimed, oh my g-d your hair looks fabulous.” And then went on to say, ” I thought your hair was shorter.” I told them I’d been letting it grow out and started using a flat iron. Hee hee. This is so much fun!! Asked to remain anonymous