What is the Evolve Volumizer?


The Evolve Volumizer is a unique non-surgical, semi-permanent, hair integration system. The Volumizer is a wearable solution for women with fine and thinning hair. The system provides volume, texture, and color enhancement without the use of chemicals. It requires minimal maintenance and meets both hair needs and fashion wants, without physical limitations. Because it is integrated with the client’s own hair and lays flat to the head, it is totally undetectable and completely wearable night and day for up to four weeks. It is maintained with a monthly reset at the salon by a certified stylist.

The Evolve Volumizer is specifically engineered for clients with up to 50 percent hair loss in the crown, and for people with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair.

Each piece is made of a unique stretchable silicone base that has little to no weight, breaths and can be worn night and day for up to four weeks. The hair is 100% human hair and hand tied to the base. The system is prescribed by certified stylists and customized to fit your individual needs and wants, creating a natural, beautiful and personalized look.

The Evolve Volumizer can be worn by itself, or in addition to, extensions. It does not require tape, glue or adhesives and feels so natural and comfortable that people forget it’s on.