Yes, our hair and weight affect how many of us feel

As John Donofrio puts it, “Hair is an accessory you wear every single day, and if your hair doesn’t look good, then you can have a new dress on, and you still won’t feel good about yourself.”

John should know. He’s owned a hair salon in Stratford for 30 years.

Dr. David Radin has been an internist in Stamford who has been involved in clinical research and clinical trials for 18 years.

“Weight loss and obesity have become a major health problem, accelerating rates of heart disease and diabetes,” he said.

Even though I feel this column may be a bit too commercial, I am reporting about things that the two men are involved in for those who are interested.

One is a weight loss clinical trial, and the other is a new way to add volume to one’s hair when it has thinned due to illness or medication.


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